Who is Jodi (aka Ms. Jboogie)?

Lawyer by day. Dog mommy, writer and travelista by night. My grandmother’s child – always.

I write to brighten my own cloudy paths, and to let others know they are not alone.

Come on in and have some food for the soul.


Jodi 2

Live fearlessly, with a good shade of lipgloss!








4 thoughts

  1. Ms. Due,

    Thanks for gracing my blog with your presence! Yes, caregiving is a blessing. It changes you in many ways, forces you to learn more about yourself, and makes you better appreciate your loved one and each day. It certainly grows you up!

  2. Hey Jodi!!! I have been looking for you for years!! It’s great to have finally found you. Please send me an email when you can so we can connect. Hope to hear from you soon.

    PS>>>I can’t wait to read everything!

  3. Mina!!! Girl, I thought I was imagining things when I saw your post! I’ve been looking for you as well! I thought you might have moved to another country or something:) I’m glad you found me and I will NOT let another 10 years go by!

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