No Pain, No Gain

I spent the weekend preparing the house for my real estate agent’s visit today. As I moved, sorted, discarded, mopped and swept, I heard my granny’s common refrain, “J, clean your room!” Granny should be happy now. I examined every nook and cranny that the agent might peek her head into, wiping away dust and cobwebs. I inspected the basement and climbed onto the roof to clear away leaves. “You’re lookin’ like your grandmother! That’s what she used to do,” a neighbor said as she and her brother looked up at me. I thought to myself, “I know, and climbing on roofs is highly overrated.” I tore down plastic from windows that hadn’t seen sunlight since plastic was invented. Granny was addicted to tape, plastic and caulking and left signs of said addictions everywhere. She has booby-trapped the house and is probably in Heaven laughing right now. As I placed one of granny’s old wigs in a drawer (lest the real estate agent think I was a weirdo for having it out), I cried. “Granny, I miss you so much,” I said. After a final “dirty draws” check of the house, I met with the agent and signed my listing agreement. I am finally on my way. My back, thigh, calves and toes hurt so much that I don’t feel like eating anything more than the three cookies I had for lunch. I suppose pain is necessary for progress. So, I’ll pop some Tylenols and call it a night! Onward and upward!

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