And I Call Myself A Wri-ta!

Author and freelance journalist Aliya S. King (@aliyasking) conducts a chat on twitter every Wednesday night at 8:00 PM (EST). During these chats (#askaliya), Ms. King answers writing-related questions on everything from how to pitch magazine articles and the importance of daily writing, to practical advice on how writers can develop their craft. I plan to use two of the dialogue tips she shared tonight: read your work aloud and eavesdrop on others’ conversations in order to develop an ear for how people speak. During tonight’s chat, Ms. King also introduced the “30 in 30” writing challenge that her writer friend Erik Parker (@ErikGParker) started. Here’s how the  30 in 30 Challenge works: 1) participants must write a blog post every day for 30 days straight; and 2) the blog posts must be longer than a tweet (140 characters). Imagine my chagrin when I realized that posting quotes will not count!

Macaroni & Cheese has been suffering from a famine over here. Whenever I claimed that I did not see the invisible people who stole my granny’s underwear, she would tell me, “And you call yourself a lawya!” Hmmmph! And to think that I actually call myself a wri-ta! I have fallen off the writing bandwagon and need to climb back on. So, I will be participating in the 30 in 30 Challenge. I’m going to finally finish those blog posts on such topics as:

  • my neighborhood street fights (this is why we can’t rise as a people)
  • why I decided to cut all of my hair off and go natural (my hair follicles will thank me later)
  • lessons I’ve learned about grief (grief is a journey fraught with many detours, relapses, and discoveries)
  • my attempt at decluttering (start with the books because that’s the fun part)
  • my favorite authors to follow on twitter (Aliya S. King/@aliyasking and Tayari Jones/@tayari for starters)

The prospect of making more time to write is actually rather exciting. Join me for the ride, why don’t ya? If you’re on twitter, my handle is @msjboogie and the hashtag for this challenge is #30in30. Don’t forget to leave a link to your blog. I’m looking forward to writing, reading, growing, and knowing!

2 thoughts

  1. Oh I love the whole eavesdropping…I never thought of that…I spend so much time peopel watching and coming up with made up stories about their lives that it never occured to me to just listen…and I seriously need help with dialogue.

    1. It never occurred to me to just listen either. Instead, I end up joining in strangers’ conversations. I know they must talk about me sumthin awful when I leave. lol.

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