Wednesday’s Word – Live in the Meantime

“Learn to live in the meantime.” Iyanla Vanzant

We often sit around waiting – waiting to get a significant other, another job, a better house, a companion to go on vacation with, or anything we think will finally make our lives perfect and complete. We think that once certain things occur, we can finally start living and enjoying life. In the meantime, we become paralyzed and stagnant. But, there’s always the possibility that the things on which we are waiting may never come, may be delayed, or may not make us happy. Life may not work out as we’ve planned. Instead of wasting time waiting for “something” to happen, live in the meantime. Start right where you are and live life to the fullest. Enjoy today. Decide what you can do to make yourself happy today, and get to living. As author J. California Cooper wrote, “life is short, but wide.”

How do you plan to start living in the meantime?

2 thoughts

  1. Yep! There’s no guarantee that any of the things we say “we want” will make us happy. What I know for sure is that coloring makes me happy, lemonade with berries makes me happy, helping people makes me happy, writing makes me happy, kissing my daughter’s cheeks makes me happy, gabbing with my girlfriends about life makes me happy….so if you’re looking for me I’ll be doing those things in the meantime 🙂

  2. BC,

    I love it! And you can pass some of that lemonade my way:) In the meantime, I’ll be writing, traveling, sitting on my porch with a can of Coke and a good book, enjoying this great city we live in, spending time with old and new friends, and finding worthy causes to dedicate my time to!

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