Happy 73rd Birthday to Granny!

To the woman who brought me home from the hospital when I was 31 days old,

To the woman who raised me,

To the woman who cleaned, held and comforted me after my seizures and life’s other challenges,

To the woman who held my hand, bent down and told me I was loved, even if my parents were not there,

To the woman who promised to call the NAACP on my school when Ms. N. said I was “border-line retarded” and threatened to leave me back in kindergarten,

To the woman who yelled at that store owner and told him that I had never worn those boots and that he had better return her money, even though she knew I had worn them and the store had a no-refund policy,

To the woman who taught me how to color without going outside the lines,

To the woman who helped me with my homework,

To the woman who told me, “never esteem anyone higher than yourself,”

To the woman who loved me when I thought no one did,

To the woman who said she wasn’t going to let anyone take advantage of me,

To the woman who taught me about strength, love and obligation,

To my beautiful, wacky, sassy, sexy, funny, fly and feisty granny poo,

Happy 73rd birthday and I love you!

5 thoughts

  1. That’s beautiful Jodi!!! I love it!! You’re Granny is a special person — they don’t make them like her anymore!! I hope she has an amazing Bday.

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