2009 New Year’s Resolutions

What would a new year be without New Year’s Resolutions? Exactly. So, here’s my list:


  1. The obvious – lose weight and get in shape. What would a New Year’s Resolution list be without this one?
  2. Get more serious about writing – blog more often, pick one or two of my fifty million writing ideas and work on them consistently, establish a writing schedule, and look for freelance writing assignments. One of my co-workers always tells me that he wants to write a book before he dies. When he repeated the same thing the day after New Year’s, so I took out my calendar and set a two week deadline for the both of us to come up with a story idea and the beginnings of an outline. I also told him that I’d beat him down if he didn’t have this done by January 16, 2009. He said he was genuinely afraid of me, and agreed to my idea. Let’s see how afraid he really is.
  3. Improve my time management. I’m not that 19-year-old college student anymore. I do not like pulling all-nighters, wearing the same clothes and sitting in front of the computer for several days at a time, and have outgrown Mountain Dew soda and Vanilla Wafers. I need my beauty sleep.  
  4. De-Clutter. Why do I still have a spelling test from first grade? Or notes from a college archaeology class? Why are my books and lipsticks the most organized aspects of my life? Something is wrong with that picture.  
  5. Set and achieve financial goals.
  6. Learn to drive. Hey, I’m a New Yorker. What do you expect?
  7. Get a life. Get out more. Go on dates. Do the things I enjoy, even if I do them alone. Try new things. Just move from in front of my computer and breathe some fresh air.
  8. Take care of me. Get a pedicure. Read a book. Write in my journal. Go shopping. Turn off or ignore my cell phone. Take a nap. Follow up on those doctors’ appointments I’ve been putting off. Sister C always tells me, “Girl I done told you. Stop being a martyr.” My granny, work, and bar association commitments often leave me running around in circles on most days. I also have a habit of volunteering for any and everything other folks may need: program planner, secretary, therapist, pro bono attorney, ATM machine, and hotel keeper just to name a few. Last week, one of those television preachers did a demonstration that was rather enlightening. He told a woman in the audience to stand up and give him everything in her wallet. After she had done so, he then asked her for $5. She replied, “I can’t. I already gave you everything I have.” When you give away everything you have, there’s nothing left to give – even to yourself.

If I’m not my best self, who will take care of granny?

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