Tokenism Run Amuck: John McCain’s Selection of Sarah Palin as his VP Candidate

What were John McCain and company smoking? I bet he thought selecting Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, as his running mate was sosmart and cute. They probably stategized for days to come up with that idea. Well Johnny Mac, even on your best day, you’re not as smart as most women on our worst day. Who do you think you’re fooling? Even Stevie Wonder could see that youonly picked Palin to attract disgruntled Hillary-ites. Palin, do not patronize me by talking about 18 million cracks in some ceiling.

Governor Palin is a token of the worst kind. A candidate chosen simply because she is a woman, notwithstanding her questionable qualifications that undermine her own campaign’s prior arguments of superiority. How do you argue for the last 19 months that Barack Obama isn’t qualified to be president because he’s too young, hasn’t been in Washington long enough, didn’t serve in the military, and doesn’t have this experience or that experience, and then choose Gov. Palin as your running mate? That foolishness does not even make sense when drunk and high on some controlled substance on a hot summer day. How do you even begin to imagine that Hillary-ites will fall for the okie doke when Gov. Palin is everything that Hillary is NOT? Their similarities stop right after they both check “female, mother and wife.” Again, makes no sense. This is true desperation and hillarity. This fool really thinks women are stupid. It’s an insult. Then again, some women might fall for it: particularly the geniuses who considered not voting because Hillary wasn’t on the Democratic ticket and who “really wanted a woman in the White House.” Well ladies, here’s your chance.

And another thang Johnny Mac, if you just had to choose a woman to shake things up, you would have done better with Condoleezza Rice. We could at least respect that choice. Then again, Condi may have contradicted the whole “change” platform the Republicans hi-jacked from Barackand company. They’ve got to distance themselves from G Dubya and Dick.  

Some time ago, Gov. Palin said she didn’t even know what the VP did. Even if she was trying to be modest or self-deprecating at the possibility of being considered as a VP, such statements are never a good look. McCain has repeatedly admitted that he doesn’t understand economics and we all know he can’t talk about foreign affairs without the likes of Joe Lieberman whispering the right answer in his ear. Oh Barack, this election is yours to lose!!! I don’t know which African country my enslaved ancestors came from and have nowhere else to go, so please rescue the White House from pure idiocy and tomfoolery!

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