A Girls’ Day Out

Last Saturday, granny and I went to the mall for a little R and R. Well actually, we needed to get her glasses adjusted and decided to make a day out of it. We stopped for some pizza, tried on every lotion in Bath & Body Works, and stopped by one of those little photo booths. I hadn’t been in one of those since I was a little girl. All of a sudden, I felt like a teenage mall rat!

Ohhhh granny, let’s take a picture, I called out to her as I stood in front of the booth inside of which sat a mother and her son reading separate books. What ever happened to sitting in  chairs or on benches?  With the photo booth loiterers on their merry little way, granny and I climbed into the small dark booth, which made me feel as if we were in a miniature spaceship. As granny looked on with doubt, I searched the screen and panels for instructions. I finally figured it out.

Granny, look up at the camera and say cheeeeeezzzz! 


We were blind, but now we see
We were blind, but now we see

 I think granny poo and I look rather diva-licious. Go us, it’s our birfday!!! Get funky wit it! Shake ya tail feather!

After our little photo shoot, granny and I went to look for somewhere to sit. However, I underestimated granny’s fear of escalators. Although granny and I decided on the perfect time for me to step onto the escalator so that she could follow me, granny’s feet had other plans. After I got on, she stood still – too terrified to even move.

Stay there granny, and I’ll come back up to get you!, I yelled to her as I motioned for her to stay put. As she stood blocking others from getting on, a young man took my granny’s hand while placing his other on her back, helped her onto the escalator and accompanied her down. As I mouthed a thank you to him and with my hand over my chest, he looked at granny. Granny looked forward and was frozen stiff, too terrified to let go of his hand or move in any direction. Once they reached the bottom, a man accompanying our good Samaritan then helped granny step off the escalator. After thanking them both, granny began to cry.

It’s OK pumpkin. The nice guys helped you down and you’re safe, I told her.

Gimme a smile girl. Come on now granny, lemme see you smile!, I said while stroking her chin. We stood there for a few minutes, but It worked. Granny poo showed her pearly whites! There is no better way to cheer a girl up than eating some good ice cream. Granny and I got some ice cream, did some people watching and came home. A good day was had by all! And we looked fabulous!

3 thoughts

  1. Thank ya nigh! My granny poo is the ultimate diva. Her most famous line is, “Stop trying to kiss me. You gonna mess up my pretty skin!” There’s never a dull moment with her around, so I’ll have granny stories for days!

    Oh yes you could be a big gurl blogger cus you’d have access to an Edit button. Praise the lord for that button!

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